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CHFCA and Hydrogène Québec welcomes new members Groupe Filgo-Sonic and Harnois Énergies

Oct, 22 2020

VANCOUVER and MONTREAL – The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) and Hydrogène Québec are pleased to welcome new members Groupe Filgo-Sonic and Harnois Énergies.

Harnois Énergies (Industry Member) is a Canadian provider of petroleum and specialty products. In addition to gas and diesel distribution, Harnois also offers refuelling and delivery services, commercial, industrial and automobile lubricants, aviation fuel and lubricants, heating oil delivery and H-Go products. Founded in 1958, Harnois has nearly 60 years of experience distributing petroleum products and currently has a network of over 400 gas stations in Quebec and surrounding provinces.

Founded in 1956, Groupe Filgo-Sonic (Small Business Member) is a leader in petroleum product distribution in Québec. Groupe Filgo is made up of three business units, these being the service station-convenience store network, petroleum product distribution and the distribution of lubricants. Groupe Filgo annually distributes more than 700 million litres of energy products. It operates 112 service stations in Québec, 33 corporate stations with convenience stores, 25 depots and card locks as well as 15 business locations.

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