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Enbridge Gas Inc. joins the CHFCA as newest Executive Member

Jul, 27 2020

VANCOUVER – The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is pleased to announce that Enbridge Gas Inc. has joined the Executive Membership class.

Enbridge operates North America’s largest natural gas utility by volume, and third largest by customer count. Enbridge Gas Inc. was formed on Jan. 1, 2019 with the amalgamation of Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas.

Enbridge Gas Inc. delivers safe, reliable service to about 3.8 million residential, commercial, institutional and industrial customers in Ontario and Quebec, distributing about 2.3 Bcf/d (billion cubic feet per day) of natural gas.

Enbridge Gas Inc. has been delivering energy for 170 years, and its network currently consists of 78,214 kilometers (48,600 miles) of gas distribution mainlines, 66,787 km (41,500 miles) of gas distribution service lines, and 5,471 km (3,400 miles) of gas transmission lines.

Enbridge’s natural gas distribution operations also feature 280 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of net working storage, largely at the Dawn Hub in southwestern Ontario. Enbridge’s renewable energy portfolio includes onshore and offshore wind, solar and geothermal projects in North America and Europe.

Enbridge has nearly 2,000 megawatts (MW) of net renewable generation capacity, based on projects in operation or under construction—enough energy to power nearly 900,000 homes.

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