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Board Member

Vita Martez

VP & Executive Advisor, Energy
and Clean Technologies, CTC

Dr. Vita Martez, a distinguished industry leader with a 25-year career in chemical technology and environmental engineering, specializes in solution-oriented clean technology results and outcomes. Her notable contributions to the Energy and related Clean Technology sectors include securing and assigning 5 royalty-free patents to industry, garnering 15 awards and securing approximately $28 million in applied research and innovation investments for the Centre of Energy Research and Clean Unconventional Technology Solutions (CERCUTS) at SAIT.

She currently consults and advises organizations in the energy and clean technology sectors. Additionally, she has been instrumental in imparting subject matter expertise and providing reviews and independent assessments in clean technologies (hydrogen value chain, methane emission reduction, carbon capture and reuse, etc.) Her expertise spans technologies in the hydrogen generation (various feedstocks with carbon-capture), produced water treatment/electro-dialysis, trailer-mounted desalination systems, fuel cells for thermal and power co-generation, and electrochemical technologies with critical minerals in battery energy storage systems for microgrids and district energy initiatives.

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