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Cratos CAN Inc

Cratos CAN Inc. is a newly established company under the umbrella of its German mother company, Cratos GmbH. Cratos provides the Canadian market with consultancy services for its customers to transition to renewable energy sources and low-carbon hydrogen and bring investment in the hydrogen production by owning, monitoring, and optimising the electrolysers within consortiums. Within its service areas, Cratos mitigates the risks and responds to the needs depending on where customers stand within the value chain and their transitioning process. Cratos is there to help leverage the advantages of renewable energy and hydrogen by merging the German experience in the field to the ideal environmental and market conditions of Canada. What Cratos does: · Develop and implement transition strategies and roadmaps, training, workshops and networking. · Technical system design, integration with system modelling and basic engineering · Financial modelling for investment business cases, cost analysis and profitability for an optimised and cost-efficient system design. · Procurement and investment facilitation, import/export and exchange with the European market. · Build use cases for replacing fossil fuels as a feedstock, fuel or energy carrier (staying technology neutral). For industry, mobility, power and heating with renewable fuels and electricity. · Project management for your hydrogen energy transition implementation.
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