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FTXT Energy Technology

FTXT Energy (Canada) Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the low-carbon and sustainable development of human energy, it mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell products. After development for three years, the company was registered and established on April 15, 2019 with a capital of 450 million yuan by Great Wall Holding Group. It is positioned as a high-tech enterprise focusing on the market-oriented operation of hydrogen fuel cell technology. At present, FTXT has set up four research and development centers in Shanghai, Baoding, Japan and Germany, set up a multicultural and technologically advanced research and development team, and strictly follow the Development process of V model to build vehicle-level fuel cell power system and components. Our main products cover fuel cell engines, stack, 35MPa/70MPa on-board hydrogen systems, on tank valves and pressure regulator, etc. In the future, FTXT will build internationally competitive products around the core technology of hydrogen fuel cells such as: high performance membrane electrode, high power density stacks, high efficiency of fuel cell engine, high pressure on-board hydrogen storage tank, high integration on tank valves, etc., and FTXT is committed to provide cost-effective hydrogen fuel cell technology solution for the customer.
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