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Green Fuel Systems

After spending over 20 years in renewables (15 years in Hydrogen and Fuel cells) in Asia and Europe, Alan Kneisz is now coming back home to Canada to lead Green Fuel Systems, based out of Victoria BC but with a global focus and presence. Green Fuel Systems (GFS) is focused on primarily Commercial Advisory in the Clean Fuel and Systems market, being already involved in developing Projects related to Clean Fuels such as Bio-methanol and hydrogen fuels. With experience in developing some of the worlds Firsts projects in Megawatt and Mobility Fuel Cells, firsts in Hydrogen Power to X projects and knowledge and acumen to advise and support companies in expanding Energy Transition with these technologies. GFS is offering companies the ability assess their existing markets, enter new markets and understand better their commercial viability for their products and markets from a commercial basis. Key services available from GFS are as follows : • Business Development services for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and eFuels • Commercial development of Projects related to eFuels, Biomass to Fuel, Fuel cells and Green Hydrogen production • Technology and Vendor assessment services for Hydrogen and Fuel cell products • Business case development and market assessment related to Hydrogen, eFuels and Fuel Cells With knowledge and contacts globally and experience on Three Continents, GFS is fast becoming a leading proponent to support companies needing commercial support in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. The services are not just advisory but also practical development sales and marketing initiatives towards greater expansion in the marketplace. Green Fuel Systems is actively operating in Europe (Germany), Asia (Malaysia) and North America (Canada) already and aims to expand its initiatives to promote the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel cell sector to a wider audience.
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