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Hydro Cool Systems

Hydro Cool Systems Ltd., a Toronto based CleanTech startup is developing an Intelligent Zero Carbon Mobile Refrigeration System optimized for delivering food under any ambient conditions. This novel solution for Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRUs) comprises predictive control methods and creates synergies providing high efficiency and mission recommendations to minimize energy consumption. This TRU powered by Hydrogen and enabled by AI can operate efficiently in severe cold where fresh food cargo requires heating to prevent freezing. The Hydro Cool TRU will displace Diesel powered units at lower cost. Hydro Cool plans to manufacture in Canada the first Hydrogen powered TRU; A domestic manufacturing capacity for TRUs will provide security for food and pharmaceutical products. Hydro Cool will provide a solution to help Canada to reach their carbon neutral objectives and to improve their social objectives by reducing respiratory illness of their residents cause by Diesel emissions.
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