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iHAT Technologies

iHAT Technologies Inc is a renewable energies and infrastructure company that designs, builds, operates and maintains green hydrogen power plants and green e-fuels refineries. Originally founded in Toronto, now expanded globally with offices in Mumbai, India, Ghana, Africa, Quelimane, Mozambique and Washington D.C. iHAT provides complete solutions for the governments of the world and the public transit authorities. Transitioning from fossil fuels to electric, Hydrogen vehicles and Infrastructure. We usher in the future, introducing the latest technologies and the best solutions for the problems of today. The company’s core programs include:
  • Infrastructure Program – Creating Solutions for the Facilities and systems serving a country, city or other area
  • Renewable Energy Program – Utilizing cutting edge technologies to provide renewable energy solutions and Mini grids
  • Transitional Technologies Program – Creating Clean Energy transitions for the structural change in energy and Transportation systems
  •  Municipalities Program – Creating green solutions for all the requirements of the municipality, coupled with economic benefits to create secondary incomes.
  • Military Program – Creating green solutions for all military vehicles and bases.
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